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All of our videos have been made for kids by kids!   Our unique Youth Ministry Arts team (ages 9-18) brings youthful energy, fresh ideas and hard work to our creative process as they produce our fun videos in apprenticeship with the staff of Giant Kids Ministry.  This wonderful group of young people, techies and drama talents alike, fill their hearts with the Word and stories we are producing, strengthening their own walk with God. They receive training in creative arts and how to use our video production equipment and software.  They then get to add their creative input and have a blast throughout the process, producing resources that help raise up younger kids to know God better too!


If I had to describe YMA in one word it would be- family. We bonded over everything from video games to YMA projects, and most importantly we bonded over God. There were times when I would be going through hard situations or having a hard time with my faith and YMA would be just what I needed to get me through. YMA helped me to grow in my faith, gave me real experience to minister and gave me a family that I could always count on. 


Emy O.

YMA Team Member

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